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Kerrville, Texas Tourist Guide

"Catch the Magic of the Texas Hill Country!"
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Kerrville, Texas, with its great climate throughout the whole year, is a popular tourist destination for summer activities like boating, swimming and golf and also in the winter for "Winter Texans" or "Snowbirds".  It is no wonder the visitors come to this beautiful Kerrville year after year and many finally retire in Kerrville because they catch the magic of the Texas Hill Country.

Kerrville is the hometown of Texas musician and politician ("Why the hell not?!") Kinky Freidman and Johnny Manziel, 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. Admiral of the Navy Chester W. Nimitz, Commander of the Pacific Fleet in Waorld War II, was raised in Kerrville.

Texas tourists like to attend the festivals and fairs in the Kerville area, go to the parks or golf courses, see the art interests, museums, and outher tourist attractions in Kerrville.  Kerrville has just what you are looking for!

Kerrville is a growing city with a population of over 22,000.  The population of the city increases considerably during the winter months to accommodate the "Winter Texans."  Kerrville is an easy one-hour drive from San Antonio.  Austin is less than 100 miles from Kerrville.  Dallas/ Ft. Worth and Houston are less than 300 miles from Kerrville.

Although there is archeological evidence suggests that humans dwelled in the Kerrville area as early as 10,000 years ago, Kerrville's modern history began in the 1840s when Joshua Brown, a shingle maker, settled on the Guadalupe River. Years later, ranching was a major enterprise with Texas Ranger Charles Schreiner who built his own empire in the Hill Country.  The City of Kerrville was founded in 1889.

Schreiner's Store in Kerville, Texas
Charles Schreiner Co Store
Hil Country Museum in Kerrville, Texas
Hill Country Museum
Home of Charles Schreiner

Kerrville has restored many of its original old-world historic buildings for tourists and future generations to enjoy.   You can take the Historical Buildings Tour of at least 21 buildings in Kerrville.

Guthrie Building in Kerrville, Texas
Guthrie Building - 1887
Masonic Building in Kerrville, Texas
Wolfmueller Building - 1907

Louise Hays Park
Louise Hays Park in Kerrville, Texas

Louise Hays Park is a beautiful area in the heart of the City of Kerrville.  Walk along the Guadalupe River and you will find picnic tables and gazebos for your use.  Take the footbridge across to Tranquility Island where you can picnic under the cypress trees, feed the ducks and swim in the cool waters.

Tranquility Island in Kerrville, Texas
Tranquility Island
by the footbridge

Guadalupe River in Kerrville, Texas
Cypress trees line
the Guadalupe River

Go Fishing in Kerrville:
Fly fishing in the Guadalupe River is a big deal in Kerrville area.  They even have a fly fishing club to help you with any tips you may need!

Ingram Lake and Dam
Ingram Lake in Kerrville, Texas
Ingram Lake
Ingram Dam in Kerrville, Texas
Ingram Dam

Just minutes away from downtown Kerrville on Highway 39 toward Hunt, you can launch your sail boat, water ski and swim in the cool waters.   Don't miss the chance to take a thrilling slide down the Ingram Dam!

Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course in Kerrville, Texas

Want to play a little golf?

Choose among the many challenging golf courses in the Kerville area!

The photo at the left is the Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course.


Franciscos Restaurant in Kerrville, Texas

The Lakehouse Restaurant in Kerrville, Texas
The Lakehouse Restaurant


Want to enjoy some great food?

Kerrville has many restaurants in the city area.   Choose from restaurants along the river banks to places that offer sidewalk dining areas in the middle of town.

You will find all types of restaurants in Kerrville: Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Steaks, BBQs, Pizza, fast food and more.

The Lakehouse restaurant is by the Guadalupe River.

Francisco's is in the downtown area and has sidewalk dining.

Tourist Attractions in the Kerrville Area:

Cowboy Artists of America Museum
A rotating collection of art celebrating the memories of the Old West.

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center
More than 600 member artists are represented at this center. Workshops, classes and lectures are available also.

Kerrville Folk Music Festival
Enjoy the annual eighteen days of musical events held in Kerrville.

Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair
See the 200 best artists and craftsmen on exhibit during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Kerrville-Schreiner State Park 
This 500 acre park offers swimming, fishing,boating and campsites.

Riverside Nature Center
Enjoy the walking paths, butterfly gardens, wildflower meadow, and special gardens and programs.

Stonehenge II - Near Hunt, Tx
Explore this mystery of the unknown on Al Shepperd's ranch near Hunt, Texas. This structure is a scale model of the original located on the Salisbury Plains in England that was built over 3500 years ago.

Stonehenge II
Stonehenge II
Longhorn Cattle

Things to do in Kerrville:

  • Enjoy the fishing, canoeing and Kayaking down the Guadalupe River in Kerrville.
  • Swimming and water skiing in Ingram Lake is fun!
  • Horseback riding in the hill country is great way to see the area.
  • Kerr county is a bird watcher's paradise. Bring your binoculars!
  • Take a walking tour of historic and other areas of Kerrville.
  • Nature watching and photography at its finest.
  • See the native and exotic game ranch spanning 50 square miles.
  • Shopping at the antique stores in the area are some of the best in Texas.
  • Dining at the river front or downtown restaurants in Kerrville.
  • Visit Art Centers and Museums in Kerrville.

Other Items of Interest in the Kerville Area:
City of Kerrville
Schreiner University
Kerrville Daily Times
Schreiner Golf Course  
Hill Country Fly Fishing Club
Kerr County
Kerr County Historical Commission 
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